One of the top nine-hole golf courses in the world
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Whitinsville Golf Club is a renowned golf facility. Belonging to Whitinsville Golf Club is often a long-held dream. We want to help make that dream a reality. Whether single or married, golf enthusiast or weekend amateur, Whitinsville Golf Club can help hone your game with a great golf course, excellent teachers, practice facilities and wide open fairways to practice every shot. We want you to join us and you’ll be glad you did!

As you may be aware, Whitinsville Golf Club is currently rated as one of the top nine-hole golf courses in the world. Designed by the legendary Donald Ross, the course today is little changed from its original layout in 1925, and retains many of the hallmark traits of a vintage Ross design: smallish, mounded greens with treacherous sloping; unobstructed run-up areas to the front of most putting surfaces; strategically placed fairway bunkers; and a couple of challenging and visually attractive par-threes. Here are only a few of the accolades that Whitinsville Golf Club has received lately:

Our ninth hole was named one of the “Top 100 Holes In The World” by Golf Magazine and was prominently featured in the opening chapter of a book entitled “To The Nines” by Anthony Pioppi.

Whitinsville Golf Club
Whitinsville Golf Club

Thank you for your interest in joining the Whitinsville Golf Club. for the application to complete and return to the Whitinsville Golf Club, attention: Courtney Milioto, Assistant Treasurer.

In order for your son or daughter to become a Youth or Sub Youth member, you must become at least a Social member (this membership is limited to 60 members; therefore, a waiting period may apply).

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Courtney Milioto or Paul Crandall, at 508-234-6210508-234-6210 X5 Monday through Friday 8:00AM-2:00PM or via email to